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CineGobs Keyer 2.3

CineGobs Keyer is a freeware keyer for Windows/.net platform
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CineGobs Keyer is used for separating foreground objects from the background ones by using a process known as keying. It works very well with video files, image sequences and single images. It supports up to seven different keying methods such as color difference keying, hue keying, detail keying etc. It also has a number of algorithms for spill suppressions. Four different algorithms are included for color difference keyer. Chroma smoothing and chroma keyer are also there. It also supports rotoscoping that creates garbage mattes and additive mattes with interpolated keyframes. You can import avi files and avisynth image sequences for keying. Three types of deinterlacing are supported, i.e. Blend, Discard upper & Discard lower. You can save your video and image sequences with alpha, premultiplied with alpha or alpha only. The interface is multi threaded with a very intuitive interface. It is very easy to use and you have free access to documentation and on-line tutorials. It is a must have tool for all video creators out there.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Seven different keying methods
  • Chroma smoothing
  • Avi & AviSynth files are supported
  • Easy to use


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